Balanced Flue Gas Fires have become increasingly popular because of their easy installation, providing you with highly efficient heat source compared to other Gas Fires. Due to the New designs of Modern day housing and those homes not always being provided with a chimney, this allows a new home owner who didn't have a fireplace installed to have one if they wise. Another great advantage to a Balance Fuel Gas Fire is you are no longer limited to have a fireplace is the lounge or dining room, as long as you have a outside wall the you can put a Balance Flue Gas Fire anywhere in your home. With our new additions the Boticelli and DaVinci Slimline Balance Flue Suites, will only increase the popularity of the Balance Flue Gas Fires. Being able to provide such a large and elegant fire without having to built a false chimney breast, well make installation of a product this size as easy as a standard Balance Flue Gas Fire.