About The Collection by Michael Miller

Style and Efficiency ... Crafted in Britain

Explore the pages of this website, and you'll see stunning fires with the power to transform a room - fabulous open-sided models, sleek 'hole-in-the-wall' designs and easy-to-install fires that don't need a chimney.

Each of our models starts from a design concept nurtured by our research and development team. Before we even start to manufacture, the model is assessed and approved by leading independent organisations. Each fire is then made with the utmost care in our state-of-the-art development and manufacturing site here in the UK. And only when a fire has been rigorously checked by our quality control department does it leave our hands.

Choose a fire from The Collection by Michael Miller and you can rest assured the beauty is more than skin-deep. Behind the sleek glass and warming flames lie a technological innovation and dedicated craftsmanship, backed by a 25 Year Guarantee. 


" When I imagine my ideal home, I imagine the perfect combination of form and function. And right at the heart of my home, a fire that impresses me with its looks, its innovation and its efficiency.

A fire is never just a fire. It's a statement of style that bring a home to life. So, we've crafted this stunning collection of unique gas fires - each of them created to offer you the highest quality and superb efficiency. They look beautiful; they work beautifully." - Michael Miller